Rumford Zip Line Users Angry When They Find Out They Paid Five Bucks and Still Ended Up in Rumford

rumford fireworks

rumford zip lineRUMFORD — Zip lines came to Rumford on July 4, offering residents a glimpse of a high-flying business plan that could draw thrill-seeking tourists to town. For $5 a ride, dozens of residents donned harnesses and clipped into the zip lines, which ran from the Hannaford parking lot down to Hosmer Field. Over the course of six hours on Independence Day, the Rumford zip line raised $1,535; insurance coverage for the event totalled $1,658, according to Envision Rumford, the local business group that organized the rides. Although the high-adventure setup lost money, the rides succeeded in introducing the concept of zip lines to the Rumford public. Envision Rumford has long-term plans to rig 14,000 feet of zip lines running over Pennacook Falls and under the Memorial Bridge. (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

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