Superintendent Disappointed 60 Percent of His Schools Get An “F” in Math and Reading. Well, at Least It’s Less Than Half, Right?

children in classroom

rsu 10 superintendentDIXFIELD — RSU 10 Superintendent Craig King said he was disappointed in the state’s latest report cards for 10 schools in the district. Six received F’s, one received a D and three received C’s. He agreed that the schools must be accountable for the quality of education provided to students, but he also believes the topics on which the grades were based are only a part of the program. The grades were almost all based on progress — or lack of progress — in mathematics and reading. “We’re working as a district to ensure that we have a positive school climate, that the school has strong relationships with homes and communities and that we monitor student progress and provide extra help,” he said. “We provide lots of opportunities for all of our students to learn.” (read more, if you can read, at the Lewiston Sun Journal)