Royal Wedding Showed That Wearing Elaborate Hats Can Distract Other Women From Commenting on Your Horse Face and Tree Trunk Legs for a Few Minutes

Sure, there was a swoon heard round the world when Kate Middleton donned a tiara and Alexander McQueen lace to wed her prince last year. But the chic, young duchess of Cambridge also deserves sartorial props for her hats — tiny, feathered fascinators (basically headbands with oomph), saucerlike numbers and insouciant berets. Her chic headwear — combined with retro, hat-heavy costume dramas such as “Mad Men,” “Boardwalk Empire” and “Downton Abbey” — has reignited an interest in fashions that, well, go to your head. “I’ve seen a big change in the past year, with people not thinking wearing a hat is unusual,” said Anna Fuhrman, owner of Proper Topper, Washington, D.C.’s 22-year-old temple to fedoras, cloches and more. “The royal wedding provided a push. People are also feeling braver about taking fashion risks.” (read more at the Bangor Daily News)