Romney’s Staff Re-Solders His Faltering Motherboard, Sends Him Back Out There


newspaperDAVENPORT, Iowa — The Iowa race remarkably fluid, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney faces a suddenly surging Rick Santorum, an unpredictable Ron Paul factor and the challenge of winning over undecided conservatives in a state that spurned him four years ago. It’s the last full day of campaigning before the caucuses that kick off state-by-state voting in the fight to pick a Republican to challenge President Barack Obama next fall. The trio clustered at the top, as well as the trailing Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, were fanning out across the Midwestern state to make closing arguments to the chunk of likely Iowa Republican caucus-goers who say they haven’t decided who to support and still could change their minds. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)