Retiring Belfast Elementary School “Therapy Dog” Wonders If She Could Get Away With Biting One Of The Little Shits On Her Last Day

Belfast therapy dog

Belfast therapy dogBELFAST —  Teaka sat in the middle of a circle of adoring children last Friday and listened as they talked about how much they love reading dog books to her and snuggling with her. Then the little white therapy dog padded to a different, quieter part of the Capt. Albert Stevens Elementary School classroom and laid down for a nap. The almost 15-year-old mixed breed has spent 14 years working in classrooms helping children. She is deaf, partially blind and sleeps a lot. It’s time to retire, said her owner, teacher Page Dilts. “This year she only came in a couple days a week,” Dilts said. “She loves to come to school, but she’s tired.” “She’ll miss us most of all,” said 9-year-old Maddie, one of her fourth-grade students and a big fan of Teaka’s. “She’ll miss you terribly,” Dilts agreed. Maddie and her classmates at the kindergarten through fifth grade elementary school will miss Teaka’s visits and her calming, furry presence. They told her so during an all-school assembly Friday afternoon during which 300 children sang to her, presented her with cards and letters and donated pounds of pet food in her honor to the P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Shelter in Rockport. (read more at Lewiston Sun Journal)