Retired Man Playing Cards At Fort Kent McDonald’s Says It’s Hard Tellin’ Not Knowin’ Jeezum Crow I Tell You What

Fort Kent McDonald's

Fort Kent McDonald'sFORT KENT, Maine — Let the worldly socialites have their Soho House, the male powerbrokers their Bohemian Club and the old money Yalies their Skull and Bones. It’s a pretty safe bet none of them could crack what could be the most exclusive piece of real estate in North America. Every day, rain, shine, snow, sleet or gloom, the circular, four-foot table in the middle of the Fort Kent McDonald’s is home to a small group of regulars who guard that turf with all the fervor of the Jets versus the Sharks — minus the Bernstein and Sondheim songs and choreography. They come every day, this group of area retirees. They come to enjoy some coffee and soda, to get out of the house and socialize and to catch up on the latest local news and gossip. But mostly, they come to play cards. Not just any card game, mind you. They are here to play Charlemagne, that uniquely French Acadian game that, to an outsider anyway, looks like an incomprehensible mashup of bridge and cribbage. (read more at Bangor Daily News)