Restoration of “My Fair Lady” Recalls a Halcyon Time When Nothing Happened in Movies

My Fair Lady

My Fair LadyA new restoration of My Fair Lady plays at Damariscotta’s Lincoln Theater for one day only, Friday, Oct. 23 with showings at 2 and 7 p.m. Audrey Hepburn has never looked more radiant than as Eliza Doolittle who finds herself at the center of a friendly wager between Professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) and his companion, Colonel Pickering (Wilfred Hyde-White). Can this disheveled, cockney flower girl find her voice and blossom into a proper lady presentable in high society? Performance, style and sweet spirit, plus an unforgettable score, have made “My Fair Lady” one of the greatest musicals in film history and a beloved and timeless classic that begs to be experienced on the big screen.  Prior to the film, “The Fairest Fair Lady,” a 10-minute theatrical trailer produced by Warner Bros. for the film’s original release, will be shown.  (read more at the Wiscasset Newspaper)

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