Readfield Lumber Yard Closes On News That A Subsidized Fetish For Weatherstripping Isn’t Construction

Kents Hill Lumber In Readville Maine

Kents Hill Lumber In Readville MaineREADFIELD — Customers stop in frequently these days to say goodbye to Kents Hill Lumber Company. Owner Stephen Monsulick is closing the lumber and hardware business Nov. 3 after 36 years of operation, a result of the poor economy and its effect on the business. He will continue to run Kents Hill Lumber Self-Storage at the same site. “A lot of people stop by and tell me how sorry they were that we were closing,” Monsulick said. “That’s been a very difficult thing. That’s one of the hardest things to handle from my perspective. We have known many of these people for decades. It’s one of the more emotional things.” In its heyday, Kents Hill Lumber had up to 20 employees at a time and did three to four times the business it’s doing today with six employees, Monsulick said. His wife, Beverly, is among the employees. (read more at Kennebec Journal)