Presque Isle Schools Officially Switch Over to Instantly Implementing Whatever Goofy Idea a Teacher Comes up With

Presque Isle Elementary School

Presque Isle Elementary SchoolPRESQUE ISLE, Maine — In early January, Robin Norsworthy couldn’t quite put her finger on what was missing in her fifth-grade classroom at the Zippel Elementary School in Presque Isle. The teacher had a room full of students working busily on their assignments, and the work only stopped when they pushed their chairs back to head outside for recess. It was then that Norsworthy realized what was going on — the noise level in the classroom decreased dramatically when her students no longer had chairs to push across the wooden floor. It was in January that Norsworthy’s class began taking part in a pilot project funded by the United Way of Aroostook that allowed the students to sit on stability balls in the classroom instead of chairs. Dubbed the WittFitt project, the unique partnership between public health organizations and schools replaced chairs with stability balls in 13 classrooms throughout Aroostook County. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)