Former Junk Food Vegetarian Now Vying for the ‘Little Miss Methane’ Crown

junk food vegetarian

junk food vegetarianFor about 18 years of her adult life, Elizabeth Fraser of Portland figures she was a junk food vegetarian – fooling herself into thinking she was being healthy since she’d given up meat. In the meantime, she ate processed veggie burgers, fat-laden chips, sodium-laced salsa, and cereal grain bars with lots of not-so-nutritious additives – and still struggled to maintain a healthy weight. Then, in 2009, raw food kept coming into Fraser’s life. A raw food restaurant opened in Portland. Articles on raw food appeared in magazines, and a raw food cookbook caught her eye in a health food store. She decided to try eating only uncooked fruits, vegetable, nuts, and seeds for a week, and by day 3 she was hooked.  (read more at the Saco Chronicle)

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