Police Say A Senseless Victim Is A Nice Change Of Pace From A Plain Old Senseless Crime

Portland Maine Police

Portland Maine PoliceMatt Blanchard was despondent over the death of his girlfriend, Casey Green, so much so that the 24-year-old couldn’t bring himself to return to the apartment they shared in Gray. It had been two weeks since Blanchard dozed off at the wheel of Green’s car and crashed into a tree, killing her. He couldn’t focus or sleep. He often seemed oblivious to the people around him. Those closest to him – half brothers and cousins he grew up with – stayed by his side trying to help him through his depression. It was that concern that brought Blanchard and three of his brothers together last summer, late on the moonlit night of July 10. They wandered around Portland, eventually stopping at a stoop on India Street to eat a snack of potato chips and soda. Not long after, in the early morning hours of the next day, Blanchard was dead – shot by an unknown gunman. Months later, his killer is still at large and investigators are still seeking clues. (read more at Portland Press Herald)