Portland Offers Guidelines For Street Artists. It’s Still Technically Illegal To Punch The Mimes, If You’re Wondering

Anna Karlina street vendor in Portland

Anna Karlina street vendor in PortlandPORTLAND – A city task force is recommending tightening the rules for street artists, including banning them in Bell Buoy Park – a hot spot during cruise ship season. While city staff had hoped for more guidance about who can and can’t set up a sidewalk stand, however, the task force decided not to redefine what constitutes art in city code. The Street Artist Task Force recommends prohibiting street artists from setting up tables within 10 feet of an existing, non-food retailer and on sidewalks that are less than 8 feet wide. The task force also wants artists to register at City Hall — at no cost — and display a sticker on their tables. Each artist will be given a copy of the rules upon registering. The proposed rules are designed to improve public safety while protecting bricks-and-mortar merchants, said City Councilor Edward Suslovic. Only artists who fit the U.S. Supreme Court’s definition of art will be allowed to set up stands. According to city code, works of art protected by the First Amendment include “expressive items such as paintings, photographs, prints and sculptures” as well as performance art. (read more at Portland Press Herald)