Neo-Burlesque Show in Portland Reminds Man in Front Row That It’s Almost Time to Put Out Suet for the Birds

neoburlesque show in Portland Maine

neo-burlesque show in Portland MainePORTLAND, Maine — Every seat in the house is full. They’re standing in the back two rows deep. It’s summer and it’s hot. Cool night air trickles in through a crack in the black curtain covering the stained glass window, which is thrown open as far as it will go in the former church. But it’s not enough. The crowd begins to sweat. Then the room gets even hotter. The lights go down at the Mayo Street Arts Center in Portland. The retro surf guitar music cranks up and new-wave burlesque dancers Vivian Vice and Jolene Divine slink onstage in skirted genie bikinis, complete with pink satin gloves up to their elbows. The catcalls begin — from men and women — in the seemingly evenly split audience. (read more, if you haven’t eaten, at Bangor Daily News)