Portland Decides Against Using “Thank Christ We’re Not Lewiston” For Its Slogan

Portland -Yes. Life's Good Here slogan

Portland -Yes. Life's Good Here sloganPORTLAND – City and business leaders introduced Portland’s new slogan Tuesday, saying its simplicity and versatility open up many marketing opportunities. The new slogan got less favorable reviews from a local marketing firm. And the upbeat line about Portland’s quality of life got skewered by droves of Facebook users. The slogan – “Portland, Maine. Yes. Life’s good here.” – was inspired by a writer who lived in Portland, and is part of a branding effort the city expects to roll out over this summer. That effort includes a promotional video, which also debuted Tuesday, and other yet-to-be-developed strategies for promoting the city. The Portland Regional Chamber, Portland’s Downtown District, the Convention + Visitors Bureau and Creative Portland Corp. volunteered to help the city with the effort. The city provided staff support but did not allocate any funding, officials say. Jennifer Hutchins, executive director of Creative Portland Corp., said the strength of the slogan is its versatility and a simple message that can be embraced by the three groups targeted by the effort: businesses, visitors and residents. “Let’s face it, we’re a small city in a big world and the best thing we can do is to combine our limited marketing dollars and raise one voice to the rest of the world,” Hutchins said. (read more at Portland Press Herald)