Officials Invited Back to Bethel to Discuss Pipeline Safety. No One Will Listen to Them, But Local Shopkeepers Might Be Able to Sell Them a Slim Jim or Dasani or Something

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pipeline safetyPortland-Montreal Pipe Line executives will get a chance to make their case for pipeline safety to Bethel residents Feb. 27.  They were denied that opportunity Jan. 30 at a special town meeting. At that meeting a resolution was approved that opposed a potential reversal of the direction of oil flow through a PMPL pipeline that passes through Bethel as it carries crude oil to Montreal. Resolution supporters worry PMPL might reverse the flow in order to carry diluted bitumen (“tar sands”) oil from Canada to Portland, and that the composition of that oil would increase the likelihood of a pipeline break or spill. The Jan. 30 vote was taken before the oil industry representatives, several of whom traveled here from Portland and Boston, could speak. (read more at The Bethel Citizen)

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