Penobscot Theater Production Of “Annie” Expected To Be A Heartwarming, Must-See, Musical Extravaganza, At Least Until The Pit Bull Mauls Annie

Annie pit bull

Annie pit bullThere are certain things in the life of a young, theatrically inclined girl that are landmarks. That first-ever part in a play or musical. That first speaking role. The first song ever sung on stage. The first — gasp! — stage kiss. But there’s one role so juicy, so big, so iconic that there’s an elite force of preteen girls that have been welcomed into its club. That’s the role of Annie, in “Annie.” In musical theater, that’s considered one of the biggest fish for a young female performer. Penobscot Theatre Company’s holiday production of the beloved 1970s musical about the spunky Depression-era orphan has cast two local Annies — 12-year-old Kate Fogg of Holden and 11-year-old Lana Sabbagh of Brewer. Next week, they’ll don curly red wigs and red dresses and alternate performances of the title character, when the show opens in previews on Tuesday, Dec. 4 at the Bangor Opera House. (read more, TOMORROW, at the Bangor Daily News)