Patriots Cough Up A Harbaugh On The Carpet In Foxboro

Tom Brady takes a seat

Tom Brady takes a seatFOXBOROUGH, Mass. – This time, Tom was not terrific, and the New England Patriots’ season is over. No return to New Orleans and this year’s Super Bowl. No Back to the Bayou. The Baltimore Ravens beat the Patriots on Sunday night in the American Football Conference championship game, 28-13. Put the emphasis on “beat.” In a sport that can be brutal, this game was. In a culture where teams talk about hitting their opponent in the mouth, again and again, Baltimore did that. Sometimes too literally. The sight of Patriots running back Stevan Ridley lying on the turf with the football rolling free made you sick. He was down and virtually out. The helmet-to-helmet hit by Baltimore safety Bernard Pollard knocked Ridley out of the game with a head injury. As the football rolled away, so did the Patriots’ chances. Baltimore recovered the ball and scored another touchdown. (read more at Portland Press Herald)