Oxford Sisters Accused of Giving Diabetes to Entire Population of Western Maine

oxford sisters

oxford sistersOXFORD — Sisters Madison and Mallory Gordon and a couple other friends have successfully formed a club to find newly adoptive homes for pets and to happily reunite pets of all kinds with their families. Madison is 8, Mallory is 6. Like most kids their age, the girls decided one day after school that they wanted to form a club. But the club, their mother told them, would have to have a purpose. Lovers of animals, the girls decided they wanted to help animals find their way home. They decided they wanted nothing more than to make a difference in an animal’s life. “I like helping animals find a home,” says Mallory. “Like pet animals!” Mallory says she “loves kitties.” “I met my friends at recess, and we started talking about a club,” added Madison. “We came up with the idea because everybody in the club loves animals.” (read more at the Advertiser Democrat)

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