Only Girl Under Two Bills Furtively Looked at One Last Time

sanford graduation

sanford graduationSANFORD — All the graduates should be proud and so should their parents, their siblings and the faculty – that’s what one Sanford High School graduate had to say Friday night as he stood in line, waiting for the high school band to strike up “Pomp and Circumstance.” “Everyone here should be proud,” said Reese Hodge, standing with his classmates on the field at Cobb Stadium, waiting for the next chapter in his life to begin. “It’s been a wicked long wait,” said Eric Berube, who was talking both about waiting in line to march and the long years in school that began with kindergarten and culminated with Friday night’s ceremony. “Now it’s all coming together.” D.J. Ashline clutched a red rose in her teeth as she adjusted her cap. “I’m overwhelmed,” she said. (read more at the Journal Tribune)

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