Obviously Not Thinking His Cunning Plan All The Way Through, Django Breivik Figures No One Will Notice A 275 Pound Black Man At A Ski Resort

Django Breivik

Django BreivikLOS ANGELES — Fugitive former police officer Christopher Dorner exchanged gunfire on Tuesday with San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies in the mountains northeast of Los Angeles after he broke into a home, tied up a couple and stole their pickup truck, authorities said. Two officers involved in the shootout were struck by gunfire, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department said. One wounded officer was flown by helicopter to an area hospital, a spokesman for the county fire department said. Dorner, accused of targeting police officers and their families in three revenge-driven killings, was apparently fired upon by a state fish and game ranger as he fled in the stolen vehicle, the Riverside County Sheriff’s department said. Local television news outlets aired the sounds of gunfire and shouting in a live broadcast from the Big Bear Lake ski resort area. (read more at Bangor Daily News)