Norway Appeals For More Funds To Ensure They Have The Nicest Possible Vacant Buildings Downtown

Norway Opera House

Norway Opera HouseNORWAY —  The Norway Maine Opera House Corporation is looking for community support to raise nearly $300,000 for the renovation project currently underway. NMOHC members hope to raise the funds by January 1. According to NMOHC member Bruce Cook, the amount the group needs to raise is around $140,000 higher than anticipated. He explains that the bids for renovation were higher than expected, but NMOHC was committed to completing the work properly. “Rather than start skimping and cutting corners –  not putting in, for example, energy-efficient windows –  we decided to suck it up and do it right,” Cook says. The money the group needs to raise is only a portion of the $1.1 million the project is estimated to cost. The majority of the funds are coming through a community development grant and a matching loan from Norway Savings Bank, as well as tax credits available for the historic building. (read more at Advertiser Democrat)