North Yarmouth Academy Students Digging Up Artifacts In Order To Determine If Yarmouth Was Ever Interesting

North Yarmouth Academy students

North Yarmouth Academy studentsYARMOUTH — North Yarmouth Academy eighth-grade students have been digging for history, but not in textbooks. As part of a fall project, the students, along with history teacher David Echeverria and NYA archivist Jay Robbins, have been working to uncover the original school building on Main Street and discover some of the school’s 200-year history. “We’re hoping to find some artifacts that can tell us about the people that went to NYA,” Echeverria said. “It’s cool because it brings (the students) outside the classroom and they realize they’re piecing together NYA history.” The original building, which is somewhere between Academy Hall and Main Street, was moved to the corner of Bridge Street in 1848. The move left the basement of the building, which was subsequently filled in with trash and covered over, Robbins said. (read more at The Forecaster)