Newspaper Reporter, Entrepreneurs Seem To Think They’ve Invented Function Rooms

Bangor function room inventors

Bangor function room inventorsGenerally, taking an empty storefront and turning it into a business means the people involved will fill it with products, decor, furniture, technology and all the things needed to get their operation going. Not so with the new venture from Bangor couple Anne Schmidt and Joshua Schmersal. They’re taking a Columbia Street storefront and leaving it empty. That’s the whole point. Coespace is a blank canvas for downtown Bangor — anyone can rent the space for an hourly rate and do pretty much whatever they want. “You want a workshop for your business? We can do that. A 50th anniversary party for your parents? Perfect. A night of short plays? Sure. A Super Bowl party. A small wedding. A few bands can split a night and play here,” said Schmersal, 30, who by day is a software consultant for Eastern Maine Healthcare. “There’s no place in the area to offer an intimate venue for an affordable price. That’s exactly what we’re going to offer here.” (read more at Bangor Daily News)