Newcastle Fire Department Save the Basement Strategy Works Like a Charm

newcastle fire

newcastle fireFirefighters remained on Newcastle’s South Dyer Neck Road Thursday evening at the smoking remains of a beloved local home. Family members escaped the home on their own after fire broke out upstairs for an unknown reason, Newcastle Fire Department Chief Clayton Huntley said at the scene. “The fire was through both ends of the house when we got here,” Huntley said. A Damariscotta firefighter was OK after being treated for dehydration, Huntley said.  A cat and two birds may have been lost in the fire, he said. The property belongs to the Lochhead family, Huntley said. The fire destroyed the home and the wind sent cinders from the fire onto the barn nearby, but firefighters were able to keep the barn from catching fire, the chief said. (read more at the Wiscasset Newspaper)

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