New Workers Comp Law Replaces Lifetime Benefits With Free ‘Coed Naked Peglegged Softball’ Tee Shirts

workers comp law

workers comp lawIf the litmus test for a compromise is it makes no one happy, then it’s mission accomplished for a bill to restructure Maine’s workers’ compensation laws recently signed by Gov. Paul LePage. Labor advocates don’t like it, arguing the bill will hurt injured workers and only benefit insurance companies. And many in the business community don’t like it because the measures do not go far enough. The new law does several things, most notably setting a 10-year cap on benefits for partially injured, permanently impaired workers. Previously, the threshold was established by a two-year review of cases that allowed 25 percent of all partial injury claims to be guaranteed lifetime benefits, while the remaining 75 percent were subject to a 10-year cap.  (read more with your good eye at the Bangor Daily News)

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