New Gloucester Furniture Maker Invited To Hollywood To Pretend He’s Interesting While Actors Pretend To Be Useful

Chris Becksvoort New Gloucester Maine furniture maker

Chris Becksvoort New Gloucester Maine furniture makerNEW GLOUCESTER, Maine — New Gloucester furniture maker Chris Becksvoort will appear on Thursday night’s episode of the NBC comedy series “Parks and Recreation” after actor Nick Offerman, an admirer of Becksvoort’s work, invited him to Hollywood for a cameo. “In his spare time, he’s a woodworker, and he’s been reading my articles in Fine Woodworking,” said Becksvoort, who has been a contributing editor for the magazine since 1989. Both Becksvoort and Offerman have been coverboys for Fine Woodworking, and had met in September. Becksvoort received an email from the producers of “Parks and Recreation” asking if he would consider flying out for an episode. “They pick you up at the airport in a limo and it’s unbelievable,” he recalled of the shoot, which took place in early October. “The money they throw at those shows for a half hour [of finished video] is amazing.” (read more at Bangor Daily News)