New Bridgton McDonald’s Has Local Activists Concerned With Loss Of Local Flavor, And Worried That Mandatory Indoor Plumbing Might Be Next

Bridgton McDonalds

Bridgton McDonaldsBRIDGTON – Since Bridgton residents voted 2–1 in 2011 to allow chain restaurants in town, the development of quick-service establishments has been slow, with only a few staking claims. However, with the opening of McDonald’s on Route 302 last week, those in the Bridgton business community feel that could change, since the American fast-food icon is seen as a magnet for further development. Lee Eastman, a Bridgton roofing materials manufacturer and member of the newly created Bridgton Economic Development Corp., thinks McDonald’s is a sign of progress for the community that has struggled in recent years with closing manufacturing facilities. (read more at Lakes Region Weekly)