Fashionistas Agree Elaborate Nail Art Is the Key to Wowing the Crowd at the Trailer Park Kegger

nail artELLSWORTH — Walk into John Edwards Market on any given day and you might see clerk and nail art aficionado Jade Estes. You’ll know her by her mass of cinnamon curly hair or her manicure, which is usually detailed and eye-catching. Estes, who lives in Ellsworth, started experimenting with nail art several months ago. “I was bored and I was on Pinterest and I thought, ‘I could do that,’” she said. Inspiration for a new design can come from anywhere, but Estes gets lots of ideas for nail art on the digital bulletin board. “I mostly just go on Pinterest and search nails. My nail folder on Pinterest has over 1,000 images.” (read more at the Ellsworth American)

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