Mount Desert Man Tries Rare Bin Laden Gambit Instead Of The Usual Godwin’s Law When Referring To Innocuous Things

mount desert quarry

mount desert quarryMOUNT DESERT — “This is the way they torture terrorists,” Hall Quarry resident Gerald Shencavitz said of the noise from a granite quarrying operation a couple of hundred yards from his home. The quarry on which the property is located is owned by Harold MacQuinn, Inc., which has leased it to Freshwater Stone, a company based in Orland. Quarrying is no longer permitted in the town of Mount Desert, but quarrying operations that preceded the adoption of the ban are allowed to continue. Freshwater Stone maintains that it qualifies for that exemption. But Gerald and Laurie Shencavitz and their neighbor, Peter Aylen, argue that the quarry was abandoned for too long to qualify for grandfathering. (read more at Fenceviewer. I SAID READ MORE AT FENCEVIEWER. FENCEVIEWER!)

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