Milton Township Fire Department’s Save the Basement Strategy Works Like a Charm


milton-township-fireMILTON TOWNSHIP — An early-morning Milton Township fire sent flames 200 feet high Thursday and destroyed a farmhouse, a barn and 1,500 bales of hay, Rumford fire Chief Bob Chase said. Homeowners Lloyd and Sue Billings escaped the fire at 639 Milton Road and ran to their burning barn to free livestock. “Some of it’s still unaccounted for,” Chase said. “We think it’s probably in the woods and some may have perished. The Billingses got their two horses out and were quite sure their two cows were out, Chase said, “and there’s been a pig wandering back there, so he got out and one sheep got out.” Two sheep and a ram were unaccounted for and some rabbits perished, the chief said.  (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

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