Midcoast Maine Economy Hoping for Boost From Wiping Both Ends of Baby Boomers Until They Croak

midcoast maine economy

midcoast maine economyROCKPORT, Maine — When Bill Chapman and his wife retired to Maine after working 40 years in Chicago, they made sure to pack his golf clubs. Nearly 10 years later, those clubs are still gathering dust in their Rockport home. The Chapmans may have retired, but the baby-boomer couple was not yet ready to rust, as the saying goes. “I do a lot of volunteering. A lot of service,” Bill Chapman, 63, who is the chair of his town’s select board, said this week. “I have some hobbies — but not a lot of time for my hobbies.” The couple was an early example of what many in midcoast Maine hope will become a trend: retiring baby boomers deciding to resettle in Knox, Lincoln and Waldo counties. Some in the region seem to be banking on an influx of retiring boomers as a path to prosperity. Next month, the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce will debut a magazine called “Coastal Maine Life,” which is focused on relocation and resettlement, particularly for the baby boomer cohort. Dan Bookham, the Chamber’s executive director, said there has been a lot of interest from local advertisers and businesses who understand that midcoast Maine is well-placed to benefit from retiring baby boomers. The generation comprises the 79 million babies born in the post-war years of 1946 to 1964, who are now 48 to 66 years old. (put on your glasses and read more at the Bangor Daily News.  Your other glasses. They’re on your head)

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  1. vanderleun | May 10, 2012 at 10:41 AM |

    These boomers in from the lower 47 will make sure to screw Maine over even more! Mazeltov!

  2. I fully expect all the elderly baby boomers to move to Maine for all the sweet, sweet, snowshoveling. Elderly people love snowshoveling. It’s science!

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