Meroby Elementary School Sums up the Futility of a Public School Education by Inviting a Rock Band, Then Handing Out Earplugs


meroby-elementaryMEXICO — Live rock bands don’t usually perform in elementary schools, but one local group did on Friday afternoon to the delight of more than 300 students and staff. Friday afternoon was Meroby Elementary School’s Marble Jar Celebration day, in which a month of positive behavior earned children in prekindergarten to fifth grade a visit from local rockers Fair Enough. “Is this awesome or what?” one teacher said, listening to the band perform Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary.” Youngsters danced in the gym with each other and teachers as the older children formed conga lines and wound their way through the crowd and other conga lines. Prior to revealing the band, which donated its time to the cause, Janet Hall from NewPage Corp. handed out bright orange earplugs donated by the Rumford paper mill and students were taught how to use them. (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal. I SAID READ MORE AT THE LEWISTON SUN JOURNAL)