Mayor Intends to Keep Demolishing Lewiston Until It’s a Nice Place to Live. No Word on Plans to Salt The Earth After

Committee meeting. Maine news from the Rumford Meteor

Committee meeting. Maine news from the Rumford MeteorThey arrived wearing tailored suits and well-coiffed hair, carrying expensive designer briefcases. To us simple folks in the room, they presented an air of stature, an air of importance. An air of superiority—airs found solely in representatives of the United States Government. Present in the room were the mayors of Lewiston-Auburn and the economic development staffs of both cities. Each representative from the federal government introduced himself or herself, informing those present of their individual expertise. Each explained how the magical mystical drug they had brought, known as taxpayers’ money, could be used to elevate our cities into a modern low- to no-income metropolis even more desirable for those wishing to live as recipients of Maine’s generous entitlement programs. Mayor LaBonté and I thanked them for their concerns, but opted out of any federal funds designed to build additional low- to moderate-income housing. They were thanked for their concerns. It was pointed out that although this perennial gift of money was well intended, it has destroyed the character of our once-thriving working-class neighborhoods, turning them into a warren of abandoned buildings, drugs and filth, creating pockets of crime-ridden areas throughout our cities. We asked for money to tear down vacant buildings, especially those located in areas in which the potential for fire would set off a conflagration, resulting in destruction of many occupied multi-units buildings and possibly the deaths of residents, fire or police personnel. (read more at Twin City Times)