Maine’s Three US Senate Candidates Tout Their Completely Different Approaches For Running The Nation Into The Ground

Joint session of US Congress. Maine news from The Rumford Meteor

Joint session of US Congress. Maine news from The Rumford MeteorMaine’s U.S. Senate candidates have starkly different ideas about how to strengthen the economy and get unemployed Americans back to work. Republican Charlie Summers would follow the prescription of his party’s leaders: remove regulation and limit taxes so that small businesses can grow and hire again. Democrat Cynthia Dill also sticks closely to her party’s plan: invest in infrastructure and green energy and reduce the tax burden on the middle class by collecting more tax revenue from the wealthiest Americans. Independent Angus King’s economic plan includes a blend of those approaches — streamlined regulation and government investments — as well as student debt relief and other initiatives. Jobs and the economy are, by far, the top two concerns of Maine voters, according to recent opinion polls. More than four years after the financial industry’s collapse and the start of the deepest recession in decades, more than 50,000 Mainers — 7.6 percent of the workforce — remain unemployed. (read more at Morning Sentinel)

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