Maine’s Ron Paul Supporters Will Turn Their Attention to Low Single-Digit Results In Local Elections


RON PAUL! I said RON PAUL! RONPAULRONPAULRONPAUL!PORTLAND — After Maine’s Ron Paul delegation was denied seats at the Republican National Convention in August, supporters of the libertarian-leaning Texas congressman’s presidential campaign had no other choice but to go home. “I think the federal government, they’re not fixable,” said Pete Harring of Auburn, founder of the Maine tea party movement and a Paul delegate at the convention. “We need to take care of our own backyards.” Though members of the “liberty movement,” haven’t been out front for higher-profile federal candidates here, there’s been a focused effort to boost candidates in legislative and local races, combining elements of the leftover Paul network here with new supporters. While many in the movement praise some of those unique candidates and the movement’s energy, some wonder whether that energy can be harnessed for future political success. (read more at Kennebec Journal)