Maine’s First Nissan Leaf Owner Hopes to Make it All the Way to the End of the Driveway Next Time

nissan leaf

nissan leafNORWAY — There’s an obvious tip-off that Fred Garbo’s new car is radically different from almost every other automobile on the road in Oxford Hills – it doesn’t have a tail pipe. It also doesn’t have a gas tank or a transmission, emits zero gases and makes virtually no noise. Garbo, a Norway resident, is the proud owner of a brand new 100-percent electric Nissan Leaf – the first sold in Maine – and he couldn’t be happier with his purchase. Garbo’s enthusiasm with the Leaf is infectious – he has been introducing as many people as he can to the car and he hopes that the electric trend will grow. “Everybody wants to drive it,” Garbo says. Garbo drove a Leaf for the first time about a year ago in North Carolina and was pleasantly surprised at how normal driving it felt. “It’s just a car,” he says. “It’s just that it happens to run on electricity.” (read more at the Advertiser Democrat)

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