Mainers Proud Of Former Jefferson Resident After He Displays The Ability To Figure Out A Bus Schedule On National TV

Bus. Maine news from the Rumford Meteor

Bus. Maine news from the Rumford MeteorA Las Vegas, Nev., man who grew up in Jefferson did Maine proud on national television this month. James Davis, 27, and fellow Chippendales performer Jaymes Vaughan finished as runner-ups of the “Amazing Race” on CBS. The two friends’ positive attitude on a global trek for clues helped them survive several elimination rounds and reach the race’s final leg, televised December 9. They finished just shy of the million-dollar top prize. At the end of the episode, Davis announced he was giving a car he won on the show to his mother, Kitty O’Neill of Bath. O’Neill is also a former Jefferson resident. (read more at Wiscasset Newspaper)