Mainers Love New Store Brand Bottled Water. Say It Has Intriguing Taste, Helps You Lose Weight Fast

bottled water

store brand bottled waterA bottled water company that supplies the store brand bottled water for Hannaford and Shaw’s is recalling spring water after learning one of its water sources had evidence of E. coli bacteria. Niagara Bottling supplies Shaw’s spring water and the Hannaford brand Nature’s Place, as well as the Best Yet brand and others, according to a consumer notice from the company. While the company says there is no evidence of E. Coli in its water, batches from the Allentown and Hamburg plants, both in Pennsylvania, are subject to the voluntary recall. “The operator at one of our contracted springs failed to notify us that there was evidence of E. coli bacteria at the spring source,” the company said in the notice. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

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