Maine Thinking Of Hanging More Ceiling Fans In Hancock County, Say They’re Great For Cooling Off Hot Hikers In The Summer

Maine's Ceiling Fans

Maine's Ceiling FansELLSWORTH, Maine — Now that it has brought its new, 19-turbine Bull Hill Wind project online in eastern Hancock County, First Wind is looking to expand its presence nearby. According to David Fowler, senior land manager for First Wind, the firm hopes to erect another 17 turbines in the area. Of those, another four turbines would go up in Township 16 and 13 more in Township 22, which abuts Township 16 to the north, he said. Last week, the company announced it had completed installation and begun generating power with the 19 turbines erected on Bull and Heifer hills. The turbines, each 476 feet tall at the highest tip of their rotating blades, can generate up to 1.8 megawatts of power apiece, giving the overall project a maximum generating capacity of 34 megawatts. (read more at Bangor Daily News)