Maine Steps Up Enforcement of Rolling Billboard Ban Because They’re Eyesores, and Only the Homeschooled Kids Can Read Them Anyway

rolling billbaord ban in Maine

rolling billbaord ban in MaineAUGUSTA, Maine — They won’t be pulled over by Maine State Police troopers or written up anytime soon, but the mobile billboards or advertising trucks appearing sporadically on Maine roads and parking lots are violating state law, according to the Maine Department of Transportation. “I’m just finding this out myself only because no one’s ever asked, but yes, they’re definitely illegal by statute because, by definition, they are not carriers,” said MDOT spokesman Ted Talbot. “According to Title 23 of Maine state law, those types of trucks are illegal by statute because they’re not carrying anything other than the sign or billboard.” A “carrier” is defined as any vehicle — such as a bus, taxi, 18-wheel transport or panel truck — that transports people, products or materials. “The reason buses can get away with that wrap advertising you see all over the entire bus is buses are carriers,” said Talbot. “These billboard trucks aren’t and apparently that puts them in violation.” (read more at BangorDailyNews)