Maine Public Housing Soon To Be 100 Percent Occupied By People Smoking Medical Marijuana To Cope With Their Nicotine Withdrawal

Woman smoking. Maine news from The Rumford Meteor

Woman smoking. Maine news from The Rumford MeteorMaineHousing has taken steps to protect tenants from a lethal toxin ― secondhand smoke. In their 2007 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP), part of a competitive process that provides an opportunity for affordable housing developers to earn tax-credit dollars, MaineHousing included a one-point incentive for applicants who proposed to implement a 100% smoke-free building policy. Maine is the second state in the nation to do this behind California, which passed a similar incentive in their plan in 2005. “Implementing smoke-free lease language is not only legal, it is financially smart and protects the health of all tenants,” says Dale McCormick, Director of MaineHousing. “For these reasons, MaineHousing encourages all public and privately funded landlords to consider adopting smoke-free policies.” In addition to applicants establishing a written policy which prohibits smoking in all units and common areas, those seeking the incentive also must offer access to a smoking cessation program. In the 2007 request for applications, most applicants applied for the one-point incentive. (read more at Maine Housing)