Maine Logging Museum Celebrates a Halcyon Time When Real Men Cut Down Trees, Wore High Heels, Suspendies and a Bra

lumberjack song

logging museumBRADLEY – The Maine Forest and Logging Museum is like the forest- the only constant is change. New growth may change the look of the woods, but they are still the woods. Volunteers, who have come to love the museum in some way -coming to an event, walking the grounds, studying logging history, tinkering with machinery, have shaped the museum into what it is today. It is different than it was, but it is still our place in the woods, and we love it! Volunteers keep the museum running – literally. Weekly projects on the grounds and in the office keep building repair projects, machine restorations and plain old paper work moving along to be able to offer events and keep the grounds open. (read more at the Penobscot Times)

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