Maine Girls Bump Into Each Other And Throw Elbows At The Roller Derby, In The Buffet Line

roller derby

PORTLAND, Maine — Intense but friendly competition, a propensity for the dramatic and an atmosphere of no-holds-barred girl power converged Saturday for the first-ever women’s roller derby competition between two teams from Maine. Rockland’s brand new roller derby league, the Rock Coast Rollers, joined what in other places is a vibrant and popular sport with its inaugural bout against the Portland-based Calamity Janes of the Maine Roller Derby league. Protected by helmets and safety gear and glowing with the charge of adrenaline, around and around the rink at Portland’s Happy Wheels they went, putting to rest any notion that full-contact sports are for boys only. Though the goal for both teams was to defend against scoring by knocking each other out of bounds or violently to the floor, the real objective in roller derby is to avoid contact and strive for finesse. If that sounds easy, try it on roller skates while picking your way through a dense pack of competitors with names like Iron Orchid and Cherry Clobber who are trying to wipe you out. “It was incredible,” said Adina Baseler of Friendship, who in the world of roller derby goes by the nickname Schrodinger’s Catfight, after Saturday’s bout. “I’m still feeling that amazing rush.” (read more at  the BangorDailyNews)