Maine Earthquake Registers 4.6 On The Richter Scale, .001 On The Winter-In-February Scale

Blizzard in Maine. Maine news from the Rumford MeteorAn earthquake striking southern Maine Tuesday evening caused widespread jitters, but no major damage or injuries have been reported. Emergency responders throughout Cumberland and York counties were swamped with hundreds of calls from people wondering what happened to cause the loud booming noise and a subsequent shaking. Cumberland County Regional Communications Center, which handles dispatch for 18 of the 28 towns and cities in Cumberland County, received about 300 emergency calls from 7:12 to 7:28 p.m. just after the quake struck, said director Bill Holmes. “I’m very pleased to say none of those included damage or injury to anyone or any property in our community,” Holmes said. Holmes said there were eight dispatchers on duty, but because of the volume of calls, he sent out a page to all staff members requesting assistance. Within 15 to 30 minutes, he said, another eight dispatchers were on duty. Later on Tuesday evening, Holmes said, dispatchers worked with utility companies “to make sure everything was intact, and everything appeared to be fine.” (read more at KeepMeCurrent)