“Maine A Mecca For Gay Couples,” Trumpets Newspaper Unclear on What Happens to Gay Couples in Mecca


meccaMaine has more same-sex couples per capita than all but six states, according to a new analysis of 2010 U.S. Census data. Additionally, South Portland and Portland have become particular hot spots for gay couples, the statistics show, outpacing Boston, Cambridge and other gay-friendly cities. Some local historians and gay-rights activists attribute the state’s high concentration of same-sex couples to its gay-friendly laws. Although same-sex couples can’t marry in Maine, they can use the Family Leave and Medical Act and adopt children – one of only about 15 states that implicitly or explicitly grant those privileges, activists said. The state also has anti-discrimination laws that protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents, said Betsy Smith, the executive director of EqualityMaine, a nonprofit organization that fights for gays’ and lesbians’ civil rights. And residents of southern Maine – and Portland and South Portland, in particular – have embraced or at least tolerated counterculture, which has helped attract gays and lesbians, said Stephen Marks, a professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Maine. (read more at The Time of My Life)

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