Madawaska School Board Threatens Cuts. Cuts Threaten Schools. Schools Threaten Teachers. Teachers Threaten Students. Students Threaten Parents. Parents Threaten School Board. Which Brings Us Back To Do(ugh)!

Madawaska school board meeting

Madawaska school board meetingMADAWASKA – At a meeting of the Madawaska School Committee on Thursday evening, Nov. 29, members voted to postpone a decision until Monday on the possible elimination of up to eight teaching positions and the ending of athletic programs in the middle school and high school. The meeting came about from steep cuts to the school budget that resulted from a reduction in the Twin Rivers’ tax commitment to the town of Madawaska. An overflow crowd gathered at the superintendent’s conference room, requiring the committee to motion to move to a larger venue. The discussion and vote to move the venue was divided, but ultimately resulted in a 20 minute recess while the committee and townspeople relocated to the Madawaska Middle High School library. Hundreds of concerned citizens, parents, teachers and students were present to support the teachers, and there were also persons attending the meeting who said they would like to see the Madawaska Education Association reopen contract negotiations with the Madawaska School Department in order to reduce teacher salaries to bridge the budget deficit. (read more at Fiddlehead Focus)