Longtime Wiscasset Town Clerk Receives Heartfelt Retirement Commendation On 20# Goldenrod, Printed In Comic Sans

wiscasset maine clerk retires

wiscasset maine clerk retiresOn Wiscasset Assessor’s Agent Sue Varney’s final day on the job Friday, the Wiscasset woman took a long lunch and left work early. She also came in late that morning, she said. “Oh, she’s been doing that for years,” Selectmen’s Vice Chairman Ben Rines Jr. joked. His response to Varney’s recap of her day set off laughter among those within earshot as Varney mingled with fellow residents and current and past town officials at her retirement reception. “I would have liked to go out quietly,” Varney told celebrants moments earlier at the podium inside the Wiscasset Community Center’s senior center. “This is very nice. Thank you very much,” she added. Selectmen presented Varney with a mantle clock. Chairman Pam Dunning said it was being given even though Varney would no longer need to always know the time, as she had to in her working years. Instead, the clock was for tracking the time on days spent out lying in the sun or visiting the town office, Dunning said; it was also to show the town’s appreciation of Varney’s dedication and the quality of her service, Dunning told her. (read more at the Wiscasset Newspaper)