Local Woman Says Mister Squiggles Wets Himself When He Hears a Noise and Something Must Be Done. Mmmwa Mmmwa Mmmwah Mister Squiggles

mr. squiggles

mister squigglesIs your dog scared of loud noises? A booming thunderstorm pealing across the horizon. The sudden pops and startling blasts of Roman candles, bottle rockets and M-80s on a warm evening in early July. The irritating rat-a-tat of a jackhammer piling its way through the pavement. While we are conditioned to accept or shrug off these noises as ordinary, everyday clamor, many dogs react to these strange and frightening sounds with whimpers, trembling or worse. Because dogs have such an acute sense of hearing, it’s natural for some dogs to respond fearfully to such stimuli, say the experts. (read more about Mister Squiggles at Web Vet)

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