Local White Girls’ Dream of Erasing All Evidence of Maine’ Icky Aboriginal People Coming Along Nicely

sanford school mascot

sanford school mascotSANFORD – The Sanford School Committee voted 4-1 at its meeting Monday night to give up using the high school’s “Redskins” mascot, and immediately begin work on choosing a new one for all its sports teams. For the school, the vote represents the end to a longstanding debate with Native American activist groups who have decried the traditional mascot as offensive. For some of the students who took an active interest in lobbying for removing the Redskins name, the experience has been a lesson in standing up for beliefs, backing words with research and action, and for one student, a look at the ugly side of the racial divide. “I’ve never been hated so much before,” said Mikaela Dwyer, 18, a senior at the school, who spoke up against using the Redskins mascot at Monday’s meeting, and took a lot of abuse from the community the next day as a result. “It was kind of a shock.” (read more at Keep Me Current)

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