Local Theremin Player Has Reasonable Backstage Demands

bethel theremin player

bethel theremin playerA musical instrument that can be played without being touched made its debut recently at the gazebo on the Bethel Common. The instrument, owned by Conni St. Pierre of Bethel, is called a theremin. It is one of the first music synthesizers invented. The electronic instrument is controlled by two metal antennae that sense the relative position of the musician’s hands. One hand controls the frequency of the sound through oscillators, while the other hand controls the volume (amplitude). The musician never touches the instrument. It sounds a little like something out of science fiction, and in a way it is. The instrument was used to generate background music for the 1951 science fiction movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” as well as for the 1960s TV show “Dark Shadows,” Conni said. (read more at the Bethel Citizen)